DXT Software Consulting

Delta X Technology has helped various startups ranging from smaller independent software companies to larger financial firms. No matter how big or small your project it, Delta X Technology has a solution for you. Just follow this simple 5 step process

Step 1: Exploratory

Set up a free initial exploratory call with us to help us understand more about your project. Here we will ask you questions about the scope, timeline, and platform requirements for your software. We will understand more about your business and the potential customers you are targeting with your project. It's this deep understanding that helps us propose a solution to solve your business problem.

Step 2: Project Proposal

After about 2 weeks we will set up another call with a ready project proposal for us to review together. This proposal will be the approach, technical design, and frontend design proposals as well as a time estimate for the entire project. This meeting will setup milestones and clear deliverables. It will propose a plan from project start to end and give a concrete overview of how we plan on executing against your business vision. After this hour long call we will propose an initial invoice for the entire project payable in different milestones. These milestones will be built around clear deliverables and spaced out every 2 weeks. Depending on the project, this might be every week if the project is a smaller scale. Invoices will be required 2 weeks after billing

Step 3: Kick off

Typically we will charge a percentage down to cover the initial project proposal and first milestone. Afterwards invoices will be provided every 2 weeks and required 2 weeks in advance. We will attempt to hit every milestone and keep you accurately updated. If a milestone is missed then we will update you accordingly and readjust project timelines

Step 4: Milestone reviews

Every milestone will result in a demo where we will join a group call to show the work that was done for the past 2 weeks. This is purely optional and not required, this serves as a way for you to hold us accountable and approve or request edits. Requests might typically include cosmetic edits, spacing updates, minor functionality changes, and such. Due to the nature of building software, some requests might be denied if they result in an underlying change in the architecture.

Step 5: Project completion

After the time of the project is complete we will deliver and launch your service. At this time you have the option to end the contract or continue keeping Delta X Technology on retainer to maintain and update the application after launch.

How to contact us

If you're interested in software consulting with Delta X Technology do not hesitate to reach out through any of the channels below. Typically we will respond within 2 business days to emails.